Mic Mountain

(Premiere) The Warpath 3 album by Mic Mountain

rom witty word play to multi-syllable flows, charismatic delivery to rhythmic metaphors Mic Mountain has what it takes to rock the microphone. Coming from the Washington D.C. area he has a unique hardcore, east coast style. Currently bringing to you his third solo album The Warpath 3.

Hip-hop bangers like “Sabado Gigante” featuring Thirstin Howl the 3rd are guaranteed hits where Mic raps bilingual in English with little bit of Spanish showing his proud Puerto Rican heritage. Mic Mountain shows off his skills in more ways than one killing emcees on “Heavy Arsenal” where the rap cypher is the battle field and the opponent is an equally lethal enemy.

Reminiscent of mid-nineties New York Hip-Hop Mic Mountain takes us on a lyrical journey on “At a Mountain’s Pace” featuring Pace Won of the Outsidaz. Here they both go verse for verse and rhyme for rhyme over extra-terrestrial flutes and a soldiers drum line. Mystical renditions such as “The Awakened One” where Mic Mountain illustrates a world and times long lost to modern man and into the future as he speaks his Gnostic gospels in rhyme form. Laced with a Harmonious piano playing over thumping bass lines and etheric pads this song is guaranteed to make you zone out and nod your head at the same time.

Lyrically Battling his way to the top Mic Mountain’s album is a must have for all true Hip-Hop heads worldwide. Making his mark he conquers all.

This album is from our point of view in the International Underground Rap and Hip Hop connexion a MUST LISTEN!!!

Physical copy WARPATH3