VX: Heaven's Assassin

VX: Heaven’s Assassin

Founded Planet X Records LLC at 22, collaborated with Canibus at 25. I do what these other cats pretend to do! Co-founder of “Guerrilla Alliance” President & CEO of PXR, which I run with Sr. VP Mac the Rebel & EL*A*KWENTS.

Solo projects included 5 mix CDs, an EP, a solo LP, and 2 group Lps (so Far). Joined Hell Razah’s “GGO” in 2013 as the Boston/MA division general! My 3rd and Final solo LP “Tablet of Destiny: Secrets of the Multiverse” is coming soon!

VX: Heaven’s Assassin has released several projects post 2010 on his Planet X Records imprint which he owns and founded.

Starting with PXR’s inception with “Guerrilla Warfare” and his first group release Guerrilla Alliance. The album featured Shabazz The Disciple, Armageddon, The Holocaust (Warcloud), Solomon Childs, Vee Eye & more.

Hardcopies are available from PXR, and the album can be found everywhere.

Grab your copy of Guerrilla Warfare by Guerrilla Alliance on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/guerrilla-warfare/id362729394

This was followed shortly after by “Dimension X: 2012” the PXR compilation which featured the label’s roster at the time in 2010.

Dimension X: 2012 by Planet X Records on iTunes

After several mixtapes, VX’s first official release was “The Witch Hammer” EP produced by Amos the Ancient Prophet of LCOB (Poland) the project features local artists, as well as international artists from Mexico. The newly released “2.0” version contains several alternate mixes of classic tracks do to licensing issues with the production. The bonus tracks feature ATMA & Sick Since.

The Witch Hammer EP 2.0 by Vega X on iTunes

Global Warming: Reign of Terror LP VX’s long awaited full length solo LP masterpiece was released in 2012. Featuring Planetary of Outerspace & AOTP, The Holocaust, Shabazz the Disicple, Sick Since, Rasul Allah 7, ATMA, Mac the Rebel, all of PXR & More. Bonus tracks are on the digital version.
Finally, Guerrilla Alliance’s sophmore effort was released under PXR. The features include the likes of Canibus, Chief Kamachi, Block McCloud, Rasul Allah 7, Richard Raw, Tone Spliff, Lone Ninja, Highdro, Vee Eye (RIP) and more
VX: Heaven Assassin’s 3rd and final release “Tablet of Destiny: Secrets of the Multiverse” was released in 2013 on Planet X Records, The album featured Hell Razah, Cosmic Crusader and Rasul Allah of LCOB, Judah Priest as well as all the PXR artists.
The very same year, long time PXR collaborators VX: Heaven’s Assassin & EL*A*KWENTS united to from “The Celestial Order” TCO connection remains strong and the EP effort “The Cosmic Code” came forth. TCC featured Mac the Rebel of Guerrilla Alliance, Irrefutable of PXR, Det the Bomb, The Jotaka and Alphabetik of PXR. Check it out now on itunes!
Google Planet X Records for more releases!!