Thief Da High Priest

Thief Da High Priest

Thief Da High Priest is the world’s first adult-contemporary rap artist.

This 30 year veteran Hip-Hop artist was raised & resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is on a mission to steal rap back from those who have mistreated it.

Formerly known as D.J. Thief, his 1997 debut, “Lyrical Liquor” is considered a pioneering “Milwaukee G-Funk” release which still sells on Ebay & is mentioned on several internet G-Funk blogs

Thief interjects genuine song-writing craftsmanship into hip-hop. His style is a seamless blend of old & new-school rap. He is armed with a signature voice, intelligent lyrics, outstanding wordplay and grammatical use that honestly can only be heard, to be truly believed.

Along with being a top notch M.C,, he has an ability to imply melodic singing breaks & hooks in his music, effortlessly going from rapping to singing with out missing a beat.

So, don’t be alarmed when you see a shadow emerge from behind the stained glass. Its just a musical “Thief”, here to take back what is rightfully his.