The Dunny Master

The Dunny Master

The Dunny Master is the Master of vinyl figurines! anything you imagine he builds up he is a member of Ghetto Government Official (Hell Razah) and he is very famous already for his dope dunnies! Here is a little presentation so you can get to know him and his work a bit better.

Nahila S – Where are you from and how and when did you started making the dunnies?

Dunny Master: – Western NY, (Buffalo, Niagara Falls) area.. I’ve always been an artist and stumbled on these Kidrobot Dunny customs artist on IG and thought it was a cool idea for art. So I pretty much showed my self how to do it.

Nahila S – You are the Dunny Master for GGO how did you link up with Hell Razah?

Dunny Master – Yes I’m officially GGO and Hell Razah Music Inc.
It’s crazy how me and Razah linked up. He’s always been one of my favorite MC. From the first time I heard SOM when they first came out back in the day.
So I followed him on IG. Some one taged him in on of my WU dunnys I made. He said “we got to link up and work together”
This man reach out to me not knowing who I was from a hole in the wall. We chopped it up on the phone and started building after that. The rest is history.
Razah is the most down to earth and realest dude iv meet. I owe a lot of my success to that man. He’s always showing love and support and I appreciate the hell out of him real talk.

Nahila S – How can people get a Dunny from you what do they have to know (waiting time or so etc) ?

Dunny Master – I take custom orders. I have a commission list I go off of. I ask for a small deposit to hold a spot on the list. Depending on how long my list. All you need is one small idea and I can put the rest togeather or if you know exactly what you want I can make that happen too.

Pricing all depends on the amount of work and detail of the custom at hand. But usually it ranges between $45-$75.

FOR INFORMATION AND PRICING email at [The Dunny Master]