Rico DENiRO Has Been Rapping since The Age Of 11. Home Of The Greatest Bedstuyy Brooklyn ! When He Started Rapping He Wasn’t In Any Group Or Anything Just Him. At The Time He Never Been To A Real Studio Or Anything. He Used To Play Instrumentals From His Computer and Record His Verse’s On His Camera Phone And Upload The Recordings On Myspace.

At 1st He Wasn’t The Best Rapper In The World But As Time Went By He Kept at it and got better and better, Started Talking About Real Life Situations Such As Being Raised With No Father, Running The Streets And Encounters He Has Had With The Law.

After A While People Really Started Feeling It Telling Him He could Really Make A Career Out Of Music, A Few Said He Wouldn’t Make It But He Let The Love Over Power The Hate and That Kept Him Strong As He Continued To Make Music. He Wants His Fanbase To Be World Wide From The Streets Of Brooklyn To The Tribes In South Africa.

Rico DENiRO Is A True Talent. After One Conversation With Him You Will Realize That He Is Not Your Ordinary Person Or Artist. Music Is Only One Side Of His Talents. He Is A Complete Comedian At Heart And You Will Fall In Love With Him From Being In His Presence. .. .. Rico Is The Truth And Soon You’ll Understand Why…..Listen & Stay Tuned!

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