Randolph Scott (Professional Bodyguard)

Randolph Scott (Professional Bodyguard)

Randolph Scott is reprising his role as Hustle man in this production of When Love Isn’t Enough. This New York native is no stranger to the stage. Mr. Scott started his career in entertainment as personal security for several top artist including Ice T and Coco. Mr. Scott is featured in several of Ice T videos including the “Redemption” Movie, The Beat of Life featuring Dj Tomack, and Broken Language featuring New York Rappers Trigger the Gambler and Smooth da Hustler of SMG Entertainment. Mr. Scott also had a memorable appearance on the David Letterman show. Mr. Scott has been featured as a Crime Boss in the Cox Television Crime Series Prescient 757. In addition he has been cast in the upcoming TV pilot The Big Sky.

In 2015 Mr. Scott will make his entrance on the literary scene with Broken Language… What Men Say and What Women Hear co-written with his wife Author Tracey Hardney Scott. Mr. Scott still does personal security and is the founder and CEO of Estat The first every digital bio card that can also be customized for artist, and models.

Mr. Scott is no stranger behind the camera as well he is a producer for his wife’s television talk show and has operated the cameras as well. Mr. Scott has been married for 7 years to his wife Author Tracey Hardney Scott.

Mr. Scott can be reached at 804-368-4374804-368-4374 or at Randolph-Scott@hotmail.com



Provides security for celebrity and executive protection. Security surveys and analysis. Source ground and air transportation. Surveillance and lost prevention. Threat assessment movie, theatrical, sports, convention events, galas and premieres. I Had work for Ice-T Final Level Ent, Coco,Marc live Ace multimedia Ent, Smooth Da Hustler, Trigger Da Gambler, DV The General DGSUP Inc, King Prince Loyal Records, Rah Black Team Fire Ent, Nicole Hicks Media Ent, Mr.G Photos Mvstudio54, Recording Artist Kenny Wray formerly from 112, Le’Aviance Events, Shriya Saran Bollywood Actress, Shirley  Murdock, Smg Ent, Jay Production, Don Diva Group llc, Val Tic Security Agency, GDFL Security
Richmond Chief of PD, Richmond City Council, MazeOne Official Ent, Recording Artist Nena Bleu, Shirley Murdock and etc.   
Val Tic Security Agency , New York
Provides Security for Celebrity and executive protection Security surveys and analyses Secure ground and air transportation Surveillance and loss prevention Threat Assessment Movie, theatrical, arts, entertainment, sports, convention events, galas and premieres 
And successfully completed security training and work on the circle line boats 
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 Security Guard Training Certificate Valastro International Acadmey